Laure de Sagazan Bridal 2016

I’m excited¬†to share the latest Bridal collection from French designer LAURE DE SAGAZAN. I discovered her last year while I was preparing my own wedding, and although mine was very classic in style, I’ve always said I would love to celebrate my marriage many times with different styles (one classic, one boho country style, and one in an Island with its corresponding style as well!!!). Always with the same groom of course ūüėČ

So for the boho bride style, but still very stylish and sophisticated I present Laure de Sagazan’s new 2016 collection.¬†Two pieces, relaxed silhouettes, french lace and embroidery combined with silk delicates resulting in a perfectly unique boho aesthetic.

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Berbere Collection by Gaia Repossi

Here¬†for a while but still trendy, discover Gaia Repossi’s jewlery, modern and class. Surrounded by her father’s passion for creating artistic jewlery pieces, Gaia Repossi, now 25 discovered she could merge her creative vision and interest in ancient and tribal cultures in her coveted rings, cuffs and pendants.I particularly like their Berbere and Berbere Module’s Collections.


5+ Spots in London

Hereunder is the list of my little London pleasures.


Kept very secretly until today, but I think it is the right moment to let others enjoy some special moments as I did in this tiny adorable French Cuisine Restaurant in London. Even waiters talk in French and the food is sublime. It is romantic to the extreme, for that reason I love it ūüôā

Poule 1


This is my favourite for brunch. I prefer the one in Sloane Square because before/ or after brunch I can go shopping on King’s Street which is one of my favourites!



Coya is a Peruvian Restaurant in Mayfair. Owner Arjun Waney has put a South American spin on his successful Zuma formula (Zuma is another of my favourite restaurants in London), with a long menu of food designed for sharing. Top shouts range from the house ceviche and vibrant side dishes. Love it!



Polpo is one of my favourites and it has been for a while now. Always trendy, last year they opened a new restaurant in Notting Hill (I knew the Soho one but this one is also really nice!). “Small and cavernous with just a touch of speakeasy”, says Tatler magazine. The environment and the food are both¬†just excellent.



Also by Russell Norman (Polpo owner) if you are looking for a trendy spot and something more informal, Spuntino is a trendy bar in Soho which is not easy to find. Very small and witout precious luxe atmosphere, it is more a mix between industrial and grungy. I loved the mini burger and the desserts.



1rest Madrid – 1rest Barcelona

1 rest Madrid: FOX Cook & Sound

The new trendy restaurant in Madrid. Located in the very centric street of Jose Abascal, Fox is fun, extravagant and full of surprises. Eclectic interior decoration by Cousi, mixing Bristish Club style with industrial or tropical fusion.

Similarly varied in the food offer, whether you want to have sushi or tapas, Fox has all the alternatives for a distended dinner with friends.

_MG_1436 fox-carrusel-02 fox-carrusel-03 fox-carrusel-05

1 rest Barcelona: DISFRUTAR

Launched in late 2014 by Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casa√Īas, three head chefs at Ferran Adria‚Äôs former-best-restaurant-in-the-world elBulli, this restaurant could set Barcelona as the culinary capital of the world.

There are two tasting menus ‚Äď the Festival Menu being a 25-course extravaganza. It¬†isn‚Äôt the kind of fancy restaurant you leave absolutely starving due to tiny portions. Nevertheless, this¬†is somewhere you go for a special occasion. Enjoy!

disfru1 disfru2 disfru3

H&M Spring Summer 15

This¬†weekend I decided to check out the new Spring Summer ’15 collections. I was positively surprised by the new Hoss Intropia¬†collection. Below a sneak peek of its Look Book.

Enjoy and have a lovely week!


Viva Made in Spain!!

My support and admiration to Spanish entrepreneurs always, and particularly to the brave ones that have started their business in the middle of the economic downturn.Today I am mentioning three cases which are good options for affordable handbags made in Spain with a touch of fun and latin inspiration.

Boria & Coria (Barcelona)

Beth and Cris, two sisters, twin souls with two passions: design and fashion. From them emerges Boria & Coria, a handbags brand born in Barcelona in 2013, that with only one year has presented three collections. Taking care of every detail, quality, treating the finest leathers, this year they’re adding a new custom handbag, choosing the initials and materials. Some highlights below:

boria & coria dsc_0212 img_1532%20copia1

LaFive (Madrid)

LaFive Leather Handbags born out of love for things well made, classy simplicity made in Spain. Founded by two sisters and managed by the daughter of one of them, Blanca Gallego, who was trained in the treatment of leather in Loewe (Spain). They are planning to enter the US market in 2015 with the introduction of their bags in multibrand stores.



Claudine by Laura Pons (Madrid)

The personalized handbags firm founded by French Spanish Model and Designer Laura Pons is becoming very famous. Just one handbag model (the classic envelope) but many different personalization options. Very colorful and fun!

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5+ Spots in New York

Visiting New York in Christmas is a magic experience and probably the best time in the year to go, at least from my view, since there are so many things going on. Going there for the first time with my husband, I couldn’t wait to go back with him to the places I love and¬†to discover¬†some new places with him as well. Here is an extract:

Nougatine @ Jean Georges. A must. Adjacent to the¬†3 Micheline star¬†Jean-Georges dining room, Nougatine serves signature and seasonal dishes of chef Jean-Georges for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu is more casual than that offered at Jean-Georges but still market driven, using only the finest ingredients. Oh! And they claim to have invented the Lava Cake (Coulant). I am not sure if that’s true, but it truly is one of the best I’ve tried! What I love of this restaurant is simply finding a spot at the bar for lunch. From the bar you have views to the Central Park, you can watch waiters mix cocktails and enjoy the lively environment and the bustling, immaculate open kitchen. The dinning room has been renovated by Thomas Juul-Hansen with a cosmopolitan yet exclusive and elegant look. This time we went,¬†I noticed an impeccably looking man, perfectly groomed, aged 60s who was having lunch at the bar and seemed to go there every Sunday for lunch. He was Suiss, but living in New York for 2 years already. Every waiter in the restaurant knew him and I was moved by how well he was treated and taken care of for being a regular customer. I also wished I could go there eevry Sunday too!

Nougatine 1

Freemans is the perfect cozy space for brunch. I hadn’t been there before but I was recommended to go. It is very nice with an informal hipster look. Cuisine is simple, rustic and inspired on old traditions. It is¬†filled with antiques and decorations, a nice ambiance and nice lunch. great wine. The Red Room upstairs is quieter and very nice . All in all, if you are looking for a fussy place its not the spot but for a hipster trendy¬†informal place its spot on! Mercer Kitchen is another of my favourite brunch spots, also from the Jean Georges group. And the Smith close to Lincoln center is also worth visiting.


Burger Joint. My husdband went to NY with the idea to eat the best burger ever so I took him to the two spots that I believe are the best for Burgers in Manhattan. Burger Joint, it is hidden behind a curtain inside the reception of the Parker Meridien Hotel! You would never say there is a Burger place there! And despite the queue since it has become somwhat famous since the last time I was here, the burgers are memorable. My second favourite but close in line is JG Melon. Cheesburgers there are excellent and the quality of the meat is remarkable.

Eataly Gourmet Italian Foodcourt Market. A piece of Italy in the middle of New York. You can enjoy a perfect italian lunch or buy italian products to cook at home. They cook what they sell in the store so you can reproduce the exact dishes. The restaurants in Eataly use highest quality ingredients from their market like prime meat, salumi, cheese, fish, vegetables, and more to produce dishes that focus on simplicity. It is interesting to hop from restaurant to restaurant in the vibrant marketplace. Eataly offers 7 sit down restaurants with both table and bar seats.


Others: Balthazar (SOHO) and Employees Only (Close to Magnolia Bakery that I absolutely love!!!)

Wish I could go back for more…

Niche Perfumery in the Gothic Quarter

About a month ago, I had a visit from Madrid and I decided to show them around the Gothic Quarter, probably one of my favourite spots in Barcelona. Walking around the quarter I bumped into two delightful Niche Perfumery Shops that I have been wanting to write about:

C/ Sant Sever 8, izquierda

La Basílica Galeria Perfume represents a space where niche perfumes by master artisans make you fall into a sweet dream or bring out your deepest passions. You will be reminded of past places or will be transported to the most exotic and secret corners of the world.

As you wander though this inviting space, each perfume- as if it was a secret potion- will tell you a story that defines a unique personality and character.




C/ Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, 1

The Perfumery is a fabulous perfume boutique playing host to many gorgeous, niche and exclusive fragrance brands. The concept of the boutique is ‚ÄúLuxury perfume, History and Culture‚ÄĚ as they believe in providing more than just a product, but a sensory, cultural and educational experience.



FINALLY, if you are around the Gothic Quarter and you want to make a stop for coffee I recommend you to Visit CAELUM (it has patisserie from all the convents and monasterys of Spain) or Hotel Boutique NERI, a must for its history and its current design.

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS_ If you want to learn more:

I recommend you to visit the exhibition in Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid: El Arte del Perfume (1889 – 2014) It is probably one of the first exhibitions dedicated to Perfume as an inspiration for artists in different domains.

Also you should visit at least once the Museo del Perfume of the store Regia y Paseo de Gracia. It is small and very cute and it has a selection of perfumes that help you understand the History of Perfumes and their evolution.

…about candles

CANDLES, my alltime favourite present, not only for Christmas! Simple, classy and endulging, for me candles represent a serene little piece of luxury.

Starting by Rodin Olio lusso, a signature fragrance, containing a mix of delicate Jasmine with a hint of Neroli Рit is captured in this sleek RODIN pillar-shaped scented candle. When lit, the air is gently infused with a sense of well-being.

I love the candle and the package design reflecting the quiet chic of olio lusso scent, an easy elegance and minimalism that is at the heart of the brand. In my wish list!


I also love Mizensir Candles by Arlberto Morillas. From this collection I love Neroli Imperial, Poudre d’Iris and Nouage de Musc, from the Collection Privee that was done for the 10th Anniversary of the House of Mizensir.


Diptyque has so many candles that I love. The Tuberouse and the Feu de Bois are one of my favourites, and I recall also the Figuier one that is also excellent.


I could go on forever, BYREDO and LE LABO are top of the list for this year. If you were out of ideas for Christmas presents, do include special candles on your list!


Brands to watch: & Other Stories

Thank god Winter is here!I couldn’t wait to put away all my Summer clothes. Barcelona has taken a while to let the Winter in, and now we can enjoy all our cozy clothes!

My recommendation for a casual Winter look: & Other Stories

& Other Stories opened its store in Barcelona in 2013 and has recently opened in Madrid as well. The Barcelona store has three floors in a very nice location at Passeig de Gràcia. You can find shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, different collections of ready-to-wear and lingerie in a beautiful store of more than 600 meters, lots of variety between the elegant masculine tailoring until the more feminine chic.

These are some selected looks of the Winter 2014-2015 collection. Enjoy!

lookbook_de_other_stories_accesories_otono_invierno_2014_2015_779814482_800x lookbook_de_other_stories_accesories_otono_invierno_2014_2015_837039103_800x lookbook_de_other_stories_accesories_otono_invierno_2014_2015_902781570_800x lookbook_de_other_stories_otono_invierno_2014_2015_242436564_800x lookbook_de_other_stories_otono_invierno_2014_2015_290298029_800x